This last week has been full of (not) studying for the two finals I had today Education Theory and Spanish!
I thought I was going to do horrible but it wasn’t so bad. I am done for this semester and I am OFF until January 4th?5th? 6th? Somewhere along those lines.

Since it is the holiday season I just wanted to type up a post of things that make me smile during this time of year!

  1. People using their manners. It’s nice to hear pleases’ and thank yous out in public.
  2. People holding doors and giving their seats up on the bus.
  3. Friends that send cheerful text messages!
  4. Holiday music gets me happy.
  5. SNOW!!!!

And just a couple hours ago I went to help out at my old school for an elementary Christmas concert. The best feeling in this world comes from having children sing genuinely from the bottom of their hearts! Made me melt. I can’t wait to become a teacher.

One last thing- There is this amazing musician on youtube who has amazing musician friends and they just create amazing, uplifting, true to the heart music! His name is A.J Rafael. When he posted up a video in need of help I jumped at the chance to give him a hand! Something about flights, and non-refundable tickets, and asking his mom for help and wanting to repay her and it was just a mess. He asked for donations and then offered to hold a raffle for cd’s and tshirts. I love his music and he just seems like a chill guy. Unfortunately I didn’t win but A.J was kind enough to thank me and all the others who donated. When the opportunity is given to you to lend a hand and you are able to then you should do it. Being thanked, being appreciated and being shown gratitude for makes me happy.



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